Sofia Elizabeth Miller

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Sofie has been having a rough time these first few months. Milk allergy, reflux, and gas. She can't seem to catch a break. It negatively affects her eating and sleeping, but through it all she has managed to maintain a happy spirit. Now that things are finally starting to improve, her joy and playfulness are starting to really shine through. Her first real smile appeared at almost two months of age.


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Sofie's first bath

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  1. First bath (1:36)
  2. A kiss from Allie (2:21)
  3. Eyes rolling back (0:53)
  4. Dreaming (4:08)
  5. Allie and Sofie (0:35)
  6. Allie and Sofie again (0:54)
  7. Mommy & her girls (1:54)
  8. Feeding Sofie (0:54)
  9. Mommy kissing Sofie (0:52)
  10. 5 weeks old (0:49)
  11. Sofie & Allie with Nana (0:41)
  12. Closeup (0:40)
  13. Looking at bears (1:01)
  14. Looking at bunny (0:53)
  15. Looking at cow (0:37)
  16. Not happy with bears (0:33)
  17. On tummy (0:43)
  18. One month bath (2:42)
  19. Playing (0:56)
  20. Sleeping with hands up (0:53)
  21. How Sofie likes the swing (1:21)
  22. Tummy time (0:28)

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Photo Slideshow

Allie helping feed Sofie

Allie helping with Sofie's bath

Daddy and his girls

Aunt Jessica

Uncle Todd, Aunt Jess

Grandmom & Pop

Aunt Betty

Aunt Karen



Great Grandpa