Sofia Elizabeth Miller

Recent News

  • Sofie's reflux is now largely under control, and she's overall a happy baby.
  • She's got 4 teeth coming in at once, for a total of seven teeth.
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Giggles: Coming in for a kiss!

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  1. Giggles: Coming in for a kiss (2:18)
  2. Giggles: Orange Mommy (0:47)
  3. Fun with Mommy (0:47)
  4. Gonna get your toes! (0:39)
  5. First time in Exersaucer (1:06)
  6. Propped up on sofa (0:48)
  7. Grandmom & Pop visiting (3:02)
  8. Random (0:38)
  9. Daddy soothing Sofie crying (1:35)
  10. Tummy time frustration (1:44)

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