Sofia Elizabeth Miller

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  • Sofie's first Christmas was not a particularly pleasant one. Not only was she still dealing with a lot of teething discomfort, but she was suffering from an ear infection that wouldn't go away. And when Sofie gets sick, nobody sleeps. Jodie actually ended up taking her to Right Time Medical Care on Christmas Day, which clearly wasn't how we wanted to spend the day...

  • On December 30th, she began pointing to things with her index finger for the first time.


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Giggling with Grandmom & Pop

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  1. Giggling with Grandmom & Pop (0:57)
  2. Opening gifts (0:23)
  3. Christmas day (0:34)
  4. Busy Zoo (1:33)
  5. Funny noises (0:38)
  6. Giggling (0:45)
  7. Hugging dog (0:55)
  8. Playing with toys (0:42)
  9. Sofie & Mommy (0:27)
  10. Standing at Busy Zoo (2:45)
  11. Watching Allie open gifts (0:36)

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