Sofia Elizabeth Miller

Recent News

  • Sofie has turned one! Her blessing ceremony and birthday were a hit.

  • She has taken her first steps...and is determined to master the art of walking.

  • Like her sister, Sofie loves the outdoors. She loves to take buggy rides and just run around in the yard, collecting little pieces of dirt and grass as she goes.


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Hugs for Da Da

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  1. Hugs for Da Da (0:27)
  2. Waving Hi (0:38)
  3. Playing with Aunt Jess (1:47)
  4. Pushing Lion (1:20)
  5. Giggling at Allie (0:41)
  6. Taking steps (1:35)
  7. Happy Birthday! (12:55)
  8. Blessing ceremony (15:53)
  9. Birthday gifts (17:06)

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